It's Never too Early for Support

Support students through timely feedback, intervention, and referral.

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Offer the Level of Help that You Can

No one has all the answers, and that's okay. Small steps can lead to lasting change.

If you're concerned about a student, give them the option to talk with you and work together on next steps to get help and stay on track. Take a collaborative approach as you find room for flexibility and connect the student with supportive resources. 

Empower Students

During challenging times, regaining a sense of control and certainty can help anyone feel more empowered. Here's what you can do:

  • Build a sense of control by giving your student choices, such as flexibility with due dates and options for participating in a class activity.
  • Build trust and predictability by avoiding surprises and maintain clear and timely lines of communication.

Use Your Resources

Mental health is an ongoing challenge on college campuses across the country. You're in a unique position to help students through mental health challenges, but are likely not a mental health professional. Just like in any helping or service profession, faculty, staff, and instructors can experience compassion fatigue and burnout. Respect your own boundaries and wellbeing by getting support for yourself and helping the student connect with resources. 

Support for You

If you're ever unsure of how to handle a student concern, call us at (520) 621-3334 to consult.

Dean of Students Office

Dean of Students Office Student Assistance helps students manage crises, life traumas, and other barriers to success. Complete an online referral form or call 520-651-7075 to get a student connected.


Life & Work Connections

Life & Work Connections provides confidential mental health counseling, consultation, and other employee assistance services for UA faculty and staff. 

Emergency Support

If a student appears volatile or someone is in immediate danger, call 911.


Support for Students

There are lots of options for students in need of mental health support. Here are a few you can share with your student. If your student needs urgent assistance, they can also call CAPS 24/7or drop in to either location during business hours.

CAPS Counseling & Consultation Session

During Counseling & Consultation sessions, students and counselors work together to create a customized Care Plan. New  appointments are added daily and can be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance online or by phone. 

CAPS Student Hub

Students can access everything they need on the student hub, from information on CAPS services to on-demand tools and self-care inspiration.

Crisis Support

Crisis support options, 24/7 hotlines, and suicide prevention tips - all in one place. Save this link and share it with students to make it easier to reach out for help in a crisis.