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College is a pivotal time of life.  It's a time of growth and opportunity but can also be a time of challenge.  For a student navigating college, getting the right mental health support when they need it can be life-changing. You can make a difference. 

When you contribute to CAPS, you are supporting student mental health today and investing in their futures. 

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We make it a priority to use your donations to directly support students. Any amount can make an impact.

College Mental Health Matters

College is about so much more than academics. From navigating grades and graduation to building self-awareness and healthy relationships, students grow, change, and face new challenges. Those experiences impact their emotional wellness, self-perception, beliefs about the world, and more. These are fundamental components of mental health, which influences all aspects of our lives. So does getting support when you need it. Whether a student is struggling to survive college or needs a quick tune up every semester, the mental health support they get in school can shape the rest of their life.


of students in college experience a significant mental health issue.


of mental health issues begin by age 24.

#2 Cause

of death among young adults is suicide.

50% of Us 

will experience a mental health condition in our lifetime.

*Active Minds data

CAPS Makes a Difference

We know University of Arizona students are struggling with their mental health. Students come to CAPS for many reasons. The top reasons include: anxiety, depression, stress, family and friend concerns, and adjusting to life transitions. Our goal at CAPS is to get students connected with the mental health support they need when they need it. 

We believe:

  • Students should not have to wait for mental health support. 
  • Students have different needs that require different types of care.
  • Collaboration is the key to reaching the best outcome for students.

See the impact CAPS has on students' mental health.

Support CAPS and help students access the support they need. 

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