CAPS Care Pathways


*look for this Care Pathways symbol across our site to find more options that fit for you.    

There's a Path for You 

Care Pathways is our philosophy of care. We believe: 

  • Mental health support comes in many forms
  • No one should have to wait for mental health support
  • Everyone deserves options for individualized care
  • Collaborating is the key to reaching the best outcomes for you

Whether you’re ready to start counseling or medication, have a question, seeking community, want to learn new skills, or just need to vent, there’s a path for you.

CAPS services are available to all enrolled University of Arizona students. Find out more about health care and mental health support options for Arizona Online or distance education students​​​.

The Care Pathways Way

Mental health support should fit your life. Whether you want to get started at CAPS, are going through a stressful time, or need help getting connected with other services, you have options. Select an appointment type that works for you, talk about your situation with a counselor, and create a custom plan together.  

This is your journey. We're here to support you along the way.

Get Started at CAPS in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Log in to PatientLink.
  2. Click "Schedule an Appointment" under Appointments.
  3. Choose a Counseling & Consultation Session appointment time that works for you.

During your CAPS Care Pathways Counseling & Consultation Session, you'll meet with a counselor for about 45 minutes to discuss your most pressing concerns, strategies you can try outside of the session, and the best Care Plan for you.

When the Best Plan Is Off-Campus, We'll Help You Get Connected

Sometimes, the best plan for a student involves other University resources or off-campus services. This can happen for a number of reasons, like insurance needs, the kind of services a student is looking for, or what would be the best match for a student's concerns and goals. When that's the case, we'll help you identify people to call to get started. 

For off-campus referral support, schedule a free Resource & Referral appointment or talk with your CAPS provider about your options.

Let's Make Your Care Plan Together

Any of our services can be mixed and matched to create a mental health plan tailored to you. Explore our Care Pathways or meet with a counselor to create your Custom Care Plan.

What Paths Would You Like to Explore?

Free On-Demand Mental Health Tools

We believe no one should have to wait for mental health support. Try our on-demand tools that fit with your schedule.

Supportive Communities & Programs

Find community where you feel most comfortable.

Free Services & Resources

From one-on-one and group peer support to identity-inclusive services and skills-based mental health tools, there are many free options for your mental health support.

Free Services & Resources Hub

Off-Campus Referral Support

Cultural & Resource Center Counselors

Survivor Advocacy

Student Center-Based Life Management Counseling

Self-Care Hub & Resource Bank

Mental Health Support On Demand Hub

Suicide Prevention Resources

Mental Health Screenings


Identity-Inclusive Services

You have many intersecting identities. Talk with folx who get where you're coming from.

One-On-One Counseling, Advocacy, and Mental Health Support

Set personal goals, explore solutions to your concerns, and learn strategies that help you feel better.


CAPS offers short-term psychiatry services and ADHD medication management. We also have mental health partnerships for continuing psychiatric care in the community if longer-term or more intensive treatment is needed.

Groups & Workshops

From groups and workshops about identity and mindfulness to masterminds for your well-being, we've got you covered.

Peer Support

Get & give support through peer-led programs.


Wildcats Anonymous

WellCats Mental Health Ambassadors

Mindful Ambassadors

Togetherall Community & Courses

Specialty Services & Assessments

Talk with a professional specializing in your concerns.

Search Provider Specialties

ADHD Assessment & Treatment

Eating & Body Image Concerns

LGBTQIA+ Mental Health

Substance Abuse Support

Identity-Inclusive Services

Sexual Violence Survivor Support

Cultural & Resource Center Counselors