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Be Kind to Your Mind

You matter. So does your mental health. Explore these paths to learn strategies and find mental health resources that fit you best. Get started right away with any of our free on-demand tools or meet with a CAPS counselor to create a customized Care Plan tailored to your goals and needs. 

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Self-Care Hub & Resource Bank

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Mental Health Support On Demand

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Mental Health & Wellness Tools

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Togetherall Free Online Community

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Tools for What's Happening Now

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Pathways to Wellness

Mental Health Support Comes in Many Forms

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Our Care Pathways approach to care is based on the belief that: 

  • everyone deserves options for quality care
  • collaboration is key
  • you are the expert in you
  • mental health support can start now

Whether you’re ready to start counseling or medication, have a question, seeking community, want to learn new skills, or just need to vent, there’s a path for you.

    We'll Work Together to Create Your Personal Path

    You and your CAPS provider can work together to create a Custom Care Plan tailored to you.

    Individual & Couples Counseling

    Set personal goals, explore solutions to your concerns, and learn strategies that help you feel better.


    Medication may be an option for supporting your mental health.


    From groups about identity and mindfulness to masterminds for your well-being, we've got you covered.


    Tools for anxiety, depression, life transitions, and more.

    Support for Sexual Violence Survivors

    Confidential counseling, advocacy, and support for survivors.

    Peer Counseling

    Free one-on-one support and identity-based groups led by trained UArizona students. 

    Specialty Services & Assessments

    Specialized assessment and support for ADHD, eating and body image concerns, and substance abuse recovery.

    Identity-Inclusive Services

    Identity-inclusive on-one services and group services.

    Everyone Deserves Options

    CAPS offers a mix of free and paid services and resources. If cost is a barrier for you, please call us at 520-621-3334. 

    Free Services & Resources

    Off-Campus Resources & Referral Support

    Sometimes, the best plan for a student involves other University resources or off-campus services. This can happen for a number of reasons, like insurance needs, the kind of services a student is looking for, or what would be the best match for a student's concerns. When that's the case, a counselor or care coordinator can discuss your options and help identify people to call to get started.

    Off-Campus Referral Support   Mental Health & Basic Needs Directory

    Find Your People, Find Your Passion

    Whether you’re passionate about mental health and want to get involved in advocacy or want to find a group of people who share similar identities and lived experiences, there’s a place for you.  

    Mental Health & Wellness Student Groups