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Our Care Pathways approach to care is based on the belief that: 

  • mental health support comes in many forms
  • everyone deserves options for quality care
  • collaboration is key
  • you are the expert in you
  • mental health support can start now

Whether you’re ready to start counseling or medication, have a question, seeking community, want to learn new skills, or just need to vent, there’s a path for you.

    We'll Work Together to Create Your Personal Care Plan

    You and your CAPS provider can work together to create a Custom Care Plan tailored to you.

    Be Kind to Your Mind

    You matter. So does your mental health. Explore these free on-demand resources to learn strategies and find the tools that fit you best.

    Everyone Deserves Options

    CAPS offers a mix of free and paid services and resources. If cost is a barrier for you, please call us at 520-621-3334. 

    Free Services & Resources

    Find Your People, Find Your Passion

    Whether you’re passionate about mental health and want to get involved in advocacy or want to find a group of people who share similar identities and lived experiences, there’s a place for you.  

    Mental Health & Wellness Student Groups