ADHD Clinic

At this time of the semester, we need to suspend new requests for ADHD medication management. These are students who have an established diagnosis of ADHD and wish to transfer management to CAPS. 

If a student will be at UA over the summer they can submit the request and be seen after May 15.

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Your Attention Deserves Your Attention

We know that ADHD can make college tough. Whether you’re continuing existing ADHD treatment through college or seeking answers about attention difficulties for the first time, we're here to help. The ADHD Clinic offers a wide range of services to support students, including medication management, individual and group counseling, and psychodiagnostic evaluation.

ADHD Clinic Services Include: 

There are many ways to get support.

Our multidisciplinary ADHD team specializes in assessing and treating attention concerns.
We work together to support your success.  Meet the ADHD Clinic providers.

Individual Counseling

Call or schedule online to get connected with a counselor.

Attention Management Program

AMP can be completed on your own or with a group.

Medication Management

If you have records documenting previous testing and treatment of ADHD, and are seeking continuation of treatment, please call CAPS at 520-621-3334 and request to speak with Ms. Cynthia Gomez, Medical Assistant.

ADHD Evaluations

If you have not been previously diagnosed with ADHD, you can complete an evaluation at CAPS or off-campus. 

Speak with a CAPS counselor or care coordinator about your options. 


Attention and executive functioning difficulties can have lots of sources. Many symptoms that look like ADHD are actually caused by other conditions such as sleep disorders, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions. At CAPS, we are committed to working with you to accurately identify and address the cause of your symptoms.

What if I don't have ADHD?

Not all ADHD Clinic services require a diagnosis.

If attention difficulties are preventing you from reaching your full potential, you can always talk to a counselor, check out the AMP Skills Videos and join the group, or seek a thorough evaluation to help you identify the source of your difficulties and figure out the best treatment options for you. 

Is there a cure for ADHD?

ADHD treatment cannot “cure” or completely eliminate symptoms, but our integrative approach can empower you to reach your goals despite executive function difficulties.

How do I get tested for ADHD?

Neuropsychological evaluations are a useful way to get a comprehensive picture of your strengths and challenges. The include a variety of tests that look at many aspects of your functioning from your thought process and ability to focus your attention to behaviors. These kinds of tests can help rule in or rule out ADHD and lead to valuable insights in the supports that would work best for you. Talk with a CAPS counselor to learn more about ADHD evaluation services at CAPS or in the community.

Campus resources for neuropsychological evaluations: 

Additional Resources