Attention Management Program (AMP)

Thrive with ADHD

Struggling to manage attention, concentration, or distractibility? You're in the right place.

AMP is a 4-session program designed for students who experience attention difficulties. You may benefit from this workshop if you struggle with things like organization, sustaining focus, or managing time regardless of whether you have an ADHD diagnosis. This workshop can stand alone if you're not using medicines to manage attention symptoms, or it can complement ongoing medication treatment.

In this group, you will:

  • Build your toolkit of resources and strategies to help improve attention capacity and productivity.
  • Connect with other students to share experiences and tips as you navigate executive functioning difficulties.
  • Learn how to select, implement, and adjust attention management skills to fit your individual needs.


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AMP will meet twice this semester: 

Friday, 3/22 at 11:00 am

Friday, 4/26 at 3:30 pm

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Facilitators: Ishani Deo and Shana Burgos-DeStephanis

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How to Join

  • Follow the AMP instructional videos on your own or join the workshop for more in-depth discussion about attention skills and support from peers. A referral from a CAPS provider is required to join this group. Ask your current CAPS provider how to join or speak with a counselor to get started.
  • This workshop has a $10 fee. If cost is a barrier for you, please call 520-621-3334
  • Facilitators: Ishani Deo ( and Shana Burgos-DeStephanis (
  • This group meets online. A Zoom link will be provided by the group facilitator.

Amp Instructional Videos

The AMP instructional videos incorporate mindfulness-based strategies, CBT, and other behavioral tools to help you improve your attention capacity and productivity.

Welcome to AMP! Learn how to get the most out of these videos.

Week 1 Skills

Week 1 Mindfulness Skill: Mindful Eating.

Joel illustrates Mindful Eating. 

Week 1 Mindfulness Practice Instructions. 

Joel presents your Week 1 Homework assignment of daily mindfulness practice. Watch for recommendations about how to fit this into your schedule! 

Week 1 CBT Skill: Establishing an Organizational System.

We review how to establish an Organizational System, which includes a Calendar and To-Do Lists


Helpful Links for Practicing Mindfulness on Your Own:

Week 2 Skills

Week 2 Mindfulness1/2: Working with Distractibility. 

In this video, Joel explains the inevitable experience of distractibility. He facilitates an activity to help you assess your attention span. Here's a link to the other video he references, to try the skill on your own. Follow Joel’s instructions to get the most out of this exercise!

Week 2 Mindfulness 2/2: Anchors of Awareness. 

In this second video, Joel explains the point of the exercise at the end of Week 2, Video 1. He also introduces the mindfulness concept of three anchors of awareness: breath, body, and sound. Here's a link to the self-practice video that is referenced

Week 2 CBT: Breaking Down Big Tasks & Prioritization. 

In week two, we’re diving into some advanced organization and planning skills to make your Calendar and To-Do lists work even better for you. This video covers: Managing Overwhelming (or really big) Tasks & Prioritizing Tasks.

Week 2 CBT Bonus: Optimizing Your Environment. 

This shorter video includes tips for establishing the best internal and external environments for attention and productivity.


Week 3 Skills

Week 3 Mindfulness 1/2: Mindfulness of Emotions.

In this video, Joel explains how emotions are involved in procrastination and attention. Learn strategies for how to use mindfulness of emotions to focus more intentionally.

Week 3 Mindfulness 2/2: RAIN Guided Meditation.

In this video, Joel guides a RAIN meditation. Watch Video 1 of 2 this week for an introduction to this practice.

Week 3 CBT: Working with Your Thoughts.

Watch this video to learn how to identify and harness the power of your thoughts.


Week 4 Skills

Week 4 Mindfulness 1/2: Mindfulness and Procrastination.

In this video, Joel explores how to work with procrastination using mindfulness strategies.

Week 4 Mindfulness 2/2: Mountain Meditation Practice. 

Joel facilitates a Mountain Meditation Practice. (Watch the Week 4 Mindfulness Video 1 of 2 first for context).

Week 4 CBT: Connecting with Emotions and Values.

In this video, we explore: (1) how to connect with emotions for motivation and (2) identifying personal values.


Additional Resources