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Everyday tools and resources for your mental health.  



Not Sure Where to Start?

Take a free mental health screening to point you in the right direction or browse these Mental Health & Wellness Tools topics.

Free Courses for Your Wellness Journey

Explore these free courses, videos, and resource pages from our library of on-demand tools. When prompted, you can use your UA email address to enroll in our free TAO and Togetherall classes.

Find Calm, Clarity & Self-Awareness

Release Anxiety

Get Unstuck From Depression

Live Well

Nourish to Flourish

Self-care is an essential ingredient in your well-being and success in school. When you nourish your mind and body, you set yourself up to thrive.

Visit the Self-Care Hub

Become Stronger Than

Bring more resilience to your daily life with the Stronger Than tools and inspiration for shifting your mindset, staying true to yourself, reaching out to the people you care about, and taking care of your wellbeing. 

Tools for Your Wellness Journey

Improve your mood, calm your worries, practice mindfulness, and more with these tools for mental health and wellness.

CAPS Care Pathways 

care pathways symbol: illustration of a person walking on a path with a setting sun in the background

Our Care Pathways approach to care is based on the belief that: 

  • everyone deserves options for quality care
  • collaboration is key
  • you are the expert in you
  • mental health support can start now

Whether you’re ready to start counseling or medication, have a question, seeking community, want to learn new skills, or just need to vent, there’s a path for you.

Mental Health Support When You Need It

Meet with a CAPS counselor to get started with services or use of our self-enrolled services and resources listed below:

Identity-Inclusive Services

One-on-one services and drop-in groups for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and disabled students.

Peer Support

Free one-on-one support and identity-based groups led by trained UArizona students. 

Support for Sexual Violence Survivors

Confidential counseling, advocacy, and support for survivors.

Site-Based Counseling

Free mental health support through select cultural and resource centers, student centers, and departments.