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Connection through Community

When you have a question or a tough situation, it can help to talk about it. Sometimes, it's easier with someone you don't know. Friends and family may know your history and feel invested in your wellbeing, but that doesn't always make them easiest to talk to. In an anonymous space, you have the freedom to speak your mind without worrying about what the people in your life will think.

Togetherall is a safe, anonymous, and free online space dedicated to mental health concerns and challenges.  When you join Togetherall, you can give and get support from others who have been there, learn new strategies, and unlock helpful self-care tools.

Everyone has a story.  You're not alone in yours.


Inside Togetherall

  • 24/7 global online community dedicated to mental health and wellbeing
  • mental health clinicians keep the community safe
  • express yourself
  • start or join a conversation
  • make anonymous friends
  • join mental health and wellness courses
  • use free goal-setting, journaling, and self-assessment tools

Create a Free Togetherall Account

Joining is Easy:

  1. Register – complete a registration form with a few basic details. You’ll receive an email to verify your account.
  2. Activate – click on the button within your activation email to confirm your account.
  3. Participate – answer a few questions about your current situation & take a virtual tour of Togetherall.

Counselor tip: We all need connection. Use Togetherall to ask questions anonymously and learn how others are managing similar situations. 

Connection is essential to our well-being. Other people's stories can give us new ideas, a fresh perspective, and most of all, hope. If you're feeling stuck, alone, or just looking for support, give the Togetherall online community a try. 

There are many paths to connection. Choose the path that fits you best.