Mental Health Mastermind

Stay on Track and Feel Your Best

Mental Health Mastermind is a hands-on 12-week group covering topics like motivation, mindset, and self-awareness. Talk with other students, reflect on your personal experiences, and experiment with new strategies and tools. Each session comes with a fillable mini-workbook that you'll use during the group meeting.

In Mental Health Mastermind, you will: 

  • Set personal wellness goals that you'll revisit throughout the semester. 
  • Build your personal coping manual. 
  • Discover the beliefs and self-image that will support your health, happiness, and success.  
  • Get hands-on experience practicing new tools and strategies. 

Mental Health Mastermind is available as a grad student-only group and all-students group.

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Grad Students: Tuesdays, 5-6 pm

All Students: Wednesdays, 4-5 pm

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February 1 - May 4

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Leslie Ralph

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How to Join

  • Participate on your own using the Mental Health Mastermind workbooks below or join the group for in-depth discussion and peer support. A referral from a CAPS provider is required to join this group. Ask your current CAPS provider how to join or speak with a counselor to get started.
  • This group has a $10 fee per session. If cost is a barrier for you, please call 520-621-3334.
  • Facilitator: Leslie Ralph (
  • This group meets online. A Zoom link will be provided by the group facilitator.

Mastermind Materials

Session 1. Goal-Setting. Learn how to set achievable and sustainable wellness goals. You'll refer back to these goals throughout the mastermind. 

Session 2: Personal Coping Manual. Learn your personal continuum of emotions and identify the coping style that fits you best. 

Session 3: First Quarter Check-In. Reflect on your progress toward your goals and learn how to overcome obstacles in your path. 

Session 4: Self-Talk and Self-Affirmation. Learn how your self-talk shapes your life and practice steps to create personalized affirmations.

Session 5: Resilient Mindset. Learn how to change your mind about failures, setbacks, and challenges.

Session 6: Midpoint Check-In - or the "muddled middle." Learn how to find clarity and maintain progress at this midpoint check-in. 

Session 7: Visualizing Wellness. Learn how to use visualization to achieve positive emotions and peak performance. 

Session 8: Motivation. Learn how to boost your motivation and counteract resistance.

Session 9: Three-Quarter Check-In & Sustainability. Learn about burn-out and how to make sustainable progress toward your goals.

Session 10: Thriving. Learn the happiness equation and what positive psychology can teach us about happier living.

Session 11: Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion. Learn how mindfulness and self-compassion can enhance your self-awareness and help you make the changes you desire. 

Session 12: Closing with Personal Truths. Learn how to see yourself in an empowering light and name the personal truths you've uncovered during this mastermind. 

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