How to Start at CAPS

Choose the Method That's Easiest For You:

If it has been less than 6 months since your last visit to CAPS, please give us a call.

Call Us

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Call 520-621-3334 during office hours, and a receptionist will connect you with a counselor.

*After-hours crisis callers may speak with a licensed counselor by pressing 1 at the automated message. More crisis support resources.

Zoom With Us

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Click the button below to drop in via Zoom and speak with a receptionist who will connect you with a counselor.

virtual drop-in link

Sexual Assault & Gender-Based Violence Services

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Our Oasis team includes counselors who specialize in providing trauma-informed care for student survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. Call us at 520-626-2051 to get scheduled directly with an Oasis counselor.

Not sure what you need? Give us a call.


1. We Use Zoom

CAPS uses a HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform. All virtual drop-in appointments are held this way. If you don't have a private space, required technology, or reliable internet connection, CAPS has a space for you. Call us to reserve a Zoom room for your appointment. Find out more about telehealth at CAPS.


2. There Will Be A Little Paperwork

When you call or use our virtual drop-in hours, a receptionist will schedule you with a counselor and give you next steps. Give yourself about 20-30 minutes before your appointment start time to complete initial paperwork through PatientLink. To access your paperwork & zoom link:

Follow these instructions

If you (or your student) are less than 18 years old, follow these instructions for students who are minors


3. Insurance Is Helpful but not Required

You will need a copy of your health insurance card or a screenshot from your insurer's website to complete initial paperwork. You can be seen at CAPS without insurance. Find out more about fees and insurance at CAPS.

If you are in need of financial assistance to access our services, please inquire with a CAPS counselor at your first appointment or call 520-621-3334 for more information.

4. What Happens With A Counselor 

You will meet with a counselor for about 30 minutes depending on your needs. During that time, your counselor will assess your concerns, and you'll decide together on the best Care Plan for you, which may include a combination of individual counseling, groups and workshops, psychiatry, and/or online tools. 

If your Care Plan involves services with a CAPS provider, an establishing care visit will be scheduled. You and your provider will then work together for continued care.

5. Sometimes The Best Plan Is Off-Campus

Sometimes, the best plan for a student involves other University resources or off-campus services. This can happen for a number of reasons, like insurance needs, the kind of services a student is looking for, or what would be the best match for a student's concerns and goals. When that's the case, your counselor will discuss your options and help identify people to call to get started.