Refresh, Reset, Restore Drop-In Group

Practical Meditative Tools that Balance Your Nervous System

We may not be able to tame the wind and waves, but we can learn to sail.

Just like our devices, we need reliable ways to refresh, reset, and restore ourselves. The Refresh, Reset, Restore class includes guided Heart Rhythm Meditation and other practices that nudge our nervous system toward feeling calm and grounded. Our nervous system is fundamental to our cognitive, emotional and physical health, to our capacity to connect, and to rebounding from stress. A balanced nervous system enhances all life experiences, and learning to calm our nervous system helps us respond skillfully to challenges while supporting ourselves and others. Together, we will expand our capacity for meeting what life brings.

In this group, you will learn: 

  • on-the-spot practices for challenging times and interactions
  • practices integrating world meditative traditions and modern neuroscience
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Wednesdays 4:30-5:20

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February 8-March 29
group will not meet during spring break

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Bonnie Colby
Lori Harger

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How to Join

  • This group will meet 4:30-5:20 pm on February 8, 15 & 22, March 1, 15 & 22
  • This group is free.
  • No enrollment required. Just join the Zoom meeting at the group start time.
  • Facilitators: Bonnie Colby ( and Lori Harger

About the Group Facilitators

Dr. Bonnie Colby has taught meditation classes over 18 years with the UA Honors College, Campus Health, Tucson Community Meditation Center and the broader public. She focuses on meditative practices that aid nervous system regulation, is certified in Dr. Porge's Safe & Sound Protocol to assist nervous system balance, and designs her classes to meet trauma-informed meditation guidelines. Bonnie serves as teacher, mentor and retreat guide in the Institute of Applied Meditation, an international non-profit organization.

Lori Harger is a psychiatric nurse practitioner practicing holistic mental health care. She discovered a love for meditation nearly 30 years ago and regularly pursues advanced training with the Institute for Applied Meditation. Heart Rhythm Meditation skills are central to her work in supporting patients, collaborating with colleagues, and caring for herself. She is passionate about applying heart-centered solutions to the problems we face at the individual and collective level.