Access Your Medical Records

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Stay Up-to-Date

With free, on-demand access to your medical and mental health record in PatientLink, you can: 

  • Remember key points from your appointment
  • Check your Care Plan
  • Review important resources and upcoming appointment dates
  • Make sure your medical record is accurate
  • Stay on track with your treatment
  • See your progress


Open medical and mental health notes are one more way we can work together to tailor your treatment to you. Talk with your provider if you have any questions or concerns about your medical record.

Access your medical and mental health notes in 3 easy steps: 

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1. Log in to PatientLink.

screen shot of arrow pointing to the word Medical Records

2. Click Medical Records
(it’s toward the
bottom of the menu)

screenshot of medical records page with arrow pointing to the word view note

3. Click View Note for the appointment note you’d like to see. 
(it's at the far right of the screen)

Reading your medical record is your right, and research shows that it helps.

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