CAPS Check-In Instructions for Online Appointments

Checking in to Your Online CAPS Appointment

We want to make your check-in process for online appointments as smooth and easy as possible. To make that happen, please follow the below guide to make sure you have everything you need before you start.

Note: it is important that all pre-visit paperwork is filled out BEFORE your visit, so that you don't have to take time out of your scheduled visit to complete it.

Getting Ready for your Visit:

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • A copy of your insurance card or a screenshot from your insurer's website

  • About 20 minutes to complete paperwork before your appointment begins


STEP 1: Log Into Patient Link -
STEP 2: Update your Insurance information

If you have new insurance, have not ever given Campus Health your insurance, or even if you aren't sure, you will need to add your insurance cards to PatientLink. You can update your insurance information in Patient Link at any time. NOTE: Campus Health MUST have the correct insurance information before your appointment. If no insurance information is provided or if we do not have the correct information, you will be charged the full cost of services.

  • Click on the INSURANCE CARD tab in your Patient Link
  • Follow the instructions to upload the front and back of your insurance card (either a picture of the actual card or a screenshot of the card form your insurance carrier's website)
  • You can add as many insurance cards as you like if you have more than one active insurance

screen shot with an arrow pointing to the words insurance card
STEP 3: Go to APPOINTMENTS and 'Check In' to your current appointment. You will also see a 'Complete Questionnaire' button. Click this button and complete the questionnaire before continuing.

NOTE: You can check in up to 30 minutes before your appointment.   

Do not click JOIN yet - there is more paperwork to finish!


screen shot of the appointment check-in page
STEP 4: Complete FORMS and SURVEYS
  • In PatientLink, if you have forms to complete you will see an orange bubble next to the FORMS tab. You will always have at least one survey to complete in the SURVEYS/FORMS tab.

  • Click the FORMS tab and complete all forms. NOTE: These are required to check in to your appointment.


  • CAPS Authorization to Bill
  • CAPS Consent to Treat
  • CAPS Telehealth Consent Form
  • CAPS Student Information Form (if not completed when you scheduled your appointment)


  • CelestHealth BHM43 (completed at every counseling or psychiatry appointment)
screen shot of an arrow pointing to the words forms 3 to complete


screen shot with an arrow pointing to the words surveys/forms


STEP 5: Start Appointment

Go to the APPOINTMENTS tab and click JOIN to launch Zoom.

screenshot of a join meeting link
  • You will enter a Zoom Waiting Room. Your provider will admit you to the session.

  • Call 520-621-3334 if you have any problems