Occupational Wellness

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Nurture Your Professional Life

Occupational wellness encompasses job satisfaction, performance, and professional development. Feeling valued at work, experiencing a sense of accomplishment with your work, and seeing a purpose in what you do can all enhance occupational wellness. Alignment between your professional life and personal values and opportunities to learn relevant and interesting skills also play a major role in boosting occupational wellness. Like the other areas of wellness, the better it gets, the better it gets. Feeling good at work improves your work life even more while also building up other domains of wellness.

Tips for Building Occupational Wellness

Entering the "real world" after your time at the university can be exciting and terrifying, sometimes all at once! It can feel like the steps you take after graduation will define your entire future. The stress to choose the "perfect" path isn't necessary or constructive. Your life path comes with many twists and turns, each presenting you with choices you could never have planned for.

If you're stressed about deciding what to do with your life, bring it in closer to what's next. What experiences do you want to have in this next stage of your life? What interests you? What steps are you inspired to take? 

Remember that you have the right to not know what you want for the rest of your life and leave yourself all the room you need to pivot and grow.

These tools and resources can help you take the next steps along your path:

Career tools for Arizona students:

You'll likely have many jobs in your life. Some will be more enjoyable than others, some will be a better fit, some will teach you valuable lessons, and some might be a total nightmare. In all of them, even the bad ones, you can build up occupational wellness by learning how to find satisfaction in where you are now. You can change your experience of work by shifting how you think about it, how you interact with coworkers, and the responsibilities you 

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Find a balance between work and play and learn how to leave work stress at work to boost your occupational wellness. Bringing stress from work home prolongs the feelings of stress and can make home a place of frustration rather than relaxation. 

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Try One Thing

Setting professional goals, enhancing your job satisfaction, or boosting your skills can all improve your occupational wellness. What's one step you can take in the next week to put your occupational wellness plan into action?