Grad Students Thursday Closed Group

Grad Students Thrive Together!

Weekly welcoming and inclusive support and therapy group for all graduate students of all genders, ethnicities, and experiences. We gather to validate and support each other through the stressors and successes that make up the unique experience that is graduate school.

Group objectives: 

  • Support
  • Validation
  • Information/Resources
  • Hacks
  • Hope
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Thursdays,8:30-10 am

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Jan Courtney

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How to Join

  • A referral from a CAPS provider and a meeting with the group facilitator are required to join this group. Ask your current CAPS provider how to join or speak with a counselor to get started. 
  • This group has a $10 fee per session. If cost is a barrier for you, please call 520-621-3334 
  • Facilitator: Jan Courtney (
  • This group is currently accepting graduate students for enrollment 
  • This group meets year-round even during semester breaks unless otherwise announced. Each member decides how long to participate - for a semester or until graduation! 

What to Expect:

A welcoming group. Participate at the level most comfortable to you.