Gender Spectrum Drop-In Support Group

Claim Your Space in the Gender Galaxy!

Weekly, confidential, affirming therapy group for anyone seeking support for gender identity issues. We discuss identity formation, coming out, presentation, family acceptance (or not), and anything else relevant to the exploration, acceptance, and celebration of all gender identities.

Group objectives: 

  • Support
  • Validation
  • Information
  • Experimentation


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Mondays, 4-5 pm

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Starts 9/12

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Kelly Kurtz and Momo Cabrera

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Location: In Person 

Rm. 412 on the 4th floor of the Student Union

How to Join

  • No enrollment necessary, just drop in.
  • This group is free. 
  • Facilitators: Kelly Kurtz and Momo Cabrera
  • Group does not meet over the summer or university breaks.

What to Expect

A welcoming group. Participate at the level most comfortable to you.