Managing Depression

You Can Get Unstuck.

Depression makes you feel stuck. When you're depressed, even the things you normally enjoy don't sound that great. Eating and sleeping are off-balance, you want to hide out by yourself, and your brain feels fuzzy. Depression is a common problem students face with the many transitions, new roles, and stressors that they experience. If this sounds familiar, know that you're not alone and there's hope. 

You Can Feel Better. Start with These Tips.

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Get back to basics

No matter how sticky and complicated depression gets, the way out starts with the basics. Getting out of bed, creating a simple routine, eating regular meals, and practicing self-care and hygiene are the first steps to getting unstuck.

Find Your Rhythm

Create a routine that supports the way you want to feel. Start small with a regular morning and evening routine, and build on that by including time for regular meals, physical activity, school, and fun. 

Clear the Clutter

Try one small task at a time. Do some dishes, clear a pile of papers, finish a load of laundry. This will get you moving again and help you see the immediate results of your actions.

photo of a woman watering plants by a fence

Pause & Reflect: What keeps you grounded?

Your path to wellness is as unique as you. Choose where you'd like to begin with a Personal Wellness Plan. 



Reconnect in small ways

Human Contact Helps

Take steps toward connection. Reach out to supportive people in your life. Take it at your own pace. Even small things like holding the door for someone can make a big difference.

Prioritize Enjoyment

Add enjoyable activities to your calendar and show up for them. Even if it doesn't feel as fun as it used to, keep going. The positive steps you take add up.

Go Outside for Your Mood

Time in nature can work wonders. Even if it's just a trip around the block, getting yourself out of your room and into the world again can give your mood a shift.

photo of four people standing outside together

Pause & Reflect: What makes you feel like yourself?

What's one small way you can reconnect?

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Make the conscious decision to move your thoughts in a constructive direction, but don't force positive thinking if it doesn't feel accessible. Instead, try to name: 

  • something that's working

  • something you've accomplished

  • something that's in your power to change

Remember to be open and caring with yourself as you do this - don't fight negative thoughts with more negative thoughts!

Try It Now


During difficult times, consider this:

  • You don't know what this is preparing you for.
  • And you haven't seen how it ends.

Try this power of perspective exercise

Not sure what you're thinking? That's completely normal. Your thoughts are very fast and well-rehearsed. Use the Thinking Error and Self-Defeating Beliefs handout to help you get to know any of your negative thinking patterns.

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