Campus Eating Disorder Awareness and Recovery Group (CEDAR)

A safe space to talk about food and body image.

Tired of struggling with food and body image? Come talk about it in a safe space. CEDAR is open to UArizona students seeking support, education, and community  to talk freely about eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image. We will look at evidence-based approaches for helping anyone  struggling with food, weight and/or body image concerns.

In this group, you will:

  • Build hope for breaking the cycle of disordered eating and body image concerns.
  • Explore what it means to be healthy.
  • Uncover the barriers to eating "normally."
  • Talk about how you really feel about food, your body, and yourself.
  • Learn ways to nourish your body and cultivate self-compassion.

How to Join

Who can benefit from this group? 

Anyone who has ever bought into/been affected by cultural and quasi-scientific assumptions about weight and health.

Topics will include: 

  • Respect for people of all sizes. 
  • Critical awareness, compassionate self-care, and life-enhancing movement. 
  • We will look at social justice implications and develop practical tools to support a change in focus.