Navigating the Return to Campus Life

Rising Above and Returning to Campus Life In Person

This is a process and support group for students facing uncertainty about returning to campus as an in-person student. There will be an agenda each session but with the flexibility to discuss different topics as needed by the group. It is a safe, non-judging space to process thoughts and feelings and to support one another.

Topics Covered:

  • reconnecting socially
  • academic challenges, fears, and strategies
  • removing self-defeating self-talk
  • setting and achieving goals
  • being safe without totally isolating yourself
  • living with others and setting boundaries
  • wellness
  • and more!

How to Join

  • A referral from a CAPS provider is required to join this group. Ask your current CAPS provider how to join or speak with a counselor to get started.
  • This group has a $10 fee per session. If cost is a barrier for you, please call 520-621-3334
  • Facilitator: Shawna Kroh (
  • This group meets online. A Zoom link will be provided by the group facilitator.

What to Expect

A process group is a safe and confidential place for students to share their struggles and concerns about specific issues. Process groups are unique in that they provide multiple perspectives, support, encouragement, and feedback from and for others. There are set topics for each week with the flexibility to cover issues that arise during the group meeting.

Additional Resources