Life Management Counseling

Helping You Manage Your Life

There's a lot happening in your life. From financial stress and schoolwork to relationships and figuring out what comes next for you, there's someone in your corner. All you need to do is reach out. Life Management Counselors are licensed therapists who work in various units across campus and provide free one-on-one short-term counseling. 

Life Management Counselors can help you through:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Life transitions
  • Loneliness
  • Overwhelming emotions
  • Or anything else affecting your mental health.

Who is Eligible?

All undergrad students who are part of:

  • The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • more coming soon!

Services & Cost

Free short-term counseling, consultation, and referral.

How to Get Started

Getting started is as easy as: 

  1. Find your Life Management counselor below. 
  2. Send them an email.
  3. Set up your first session.

Meet Your Life Management Counselors

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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Bartlett Academic Success Center (BASC)

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Rosalba Mada